ACE Practitioner Course

ACE Practitioner Course

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ACE Practitioner Course

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ACE Practitioner Course

The ACE Practitioner Course Course is fully accredited by QG Management Standards.

After accreditation you will become a QG ACE Practitioner.

Training consists of one full days training that covers the following areas;

Session 1
• The QG Philosophy
• Cyber Essentials structure
• Practitioner Quality Assurance
• Information Security and Data Protection
Session 2
The Threat Landscape and how Basic Cyber Hygiene / Cyber Essentials protects business
• 10 Steps to Cyber Security
• Mitigation threats and defence strategies. (what’s happening out there)
• Cyber Essentials – scope your system
• Five Pillars to eliminate 80% of common online threats
• Using the IASME platform
Session 3
ACE Practitioner Network
• Joining the ACE Practitioner Register
• Maintaining registration
Session 4
Preparing for a Cyber Essentials PLUS assessment
• Requirements
• What are they looking for?
• Sample sizes
• Pass and fail
Session 5
• Delegate Assessment
• Assessment feedback

QG ACE Practitioners are:

  1. Tested to ensure they correctly understand the requirements of the scheme
  2.  Kept up to date with the schemes requirements.
  3. Awarded a certificate

Who is it For?

The ACE Practitioner course will significantly benefit  IT Consultants, Implementers, Service and Training partners wishing to become ACE Practitioners.



Duration: The ACE Practitioner Course is run over 1 Days (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM).

After accreditation you will become a QG Accredited ACE Practitioner.