Ian Kerr

Bio: Ian Kerr

Ian Kerr, Managing Director

Ian founded ID Inquiries Ltd in 1990 after a police career predominantly spent in the Criminal Investigation Department. He also served in the Serious Crime Squad and during his studies was awarded the “Most Meritorious Student in Scotland in Forensic Science”.
Focusing on the needs of the customer is at the core of Ian’s business philosophy. Ian achieves this by always employing top-quality staff to guarantee the integrity of his business and matches this by using robust, quality process-driven systems.
Protecting the value in a business can involve investigating attacks from within, by employees or out with the business by competitors or others.
Central to Ian’s beliefs are that ID Cyber acts with integrity, efficiency and then results.
Ian is a serial networker, achieving this through the Entrepreneurial Exchange. He embraces the title word of ‘Exchange’ as primarily an exchange of knowledge and experience. He is known for his ability to ‘put people together’ with very successful results.
The growth of his knowledge running both ID Cyber and ID Inquiries and being a Board Member of the Entrepreneurial Exchange has resulted in a strong strategic knowledge of business advancement and of developing people. One of his fundamental learnings is that ‘you should only recruit people better than you and the best the Company can afford’. Business is about quality people backed up by strong processes and systems. Having achieved these it should be all about ‘Consumer is Boss’!
In 2015 Ian, along side Cary Hendricks, a world renowned Cyber Expert and a number of cyber specialists formed ID Cyber Solutions. This company focuses on training and can deliver Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation which is the UK Governments recognised standard.
Ian’s interests are golf, photography and reading. He particularly enjoyed ‘From Good to Great’ by Jim Collins. At present, Ian is mentoring two business owners from different business sectors.
Being a former Director of the Exchange, and in appreciating the considerable contribution the Exchange has made to Ian’s business acumen, he firmly believes in giving something back. Ian was also a former Chairman of the Scottish Campaign  at The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.