Cary Hendricks is a highly accomplished security technical investigator, advisor and trainer with over 20 years’ broad experience working with Government Agencies throughout the world. His specialties include lawful interception, security analysis and strategy, network and security architecture, intelligence management and analysis, systems administration and engineering. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker, qualified Computer Forensic Investigator and a Certified Instructor for both.

Cary Hendricks has mentored and coached Law Enforcement and members of Homeland Security Agencies on classified projects and regularly trains their security personnel to ensure that they remain at the center of excellence in their tactical roles. He previously held the role of International Technology Manager for Memex Technology with a worldwide client base providing Intelligence Management solutions for law enforcement agencies. He has also worked with various South African technology companies as a specialist security contractor and served in the South African Defence Force (Air Force) from 1987 to 1997, where he worked in different units responsible for electronic warfare, radar and electronic countermeasures and computer security.

Since 2007 Cary has been involved in various different types of operations and investigations. The investigations and intelligence analysis ranged from criminal intelligence, smuggling, counterfeit (tobacco and medicines) and music piracy.

Cary Hendricks is a regular speaker at security events, mostly at closed events to law enforcement and other agencies.